Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mini Milk Cartons.

On all the sides of this milk carton I put just a bit of UTEE on it.

These are easy to make. Renate

Friday, April 7, 2017

Underwater Shaker Card for Dean.

 Here you can see the UTEE in the background.

This is how I make my shaker cards. I just make a pocket, this way it has more depth.

I just printed a underwater scene and glued it to the pocket.

Cut out your opening and add your acetate...

I also put some UTEE on the background to give it the "wet" look.

 Then you just add your sequins and close up the pocket.

Mini Easter Crates with Tutorial.

I found a video tutorial on You Tube from Rick Adkins. The only thing I changed, I made my sides 1/2 in. wide instead of a 1/4 in. and I used cardboard for some parts to make it stronger. It's a great tutorial, and I hope you will check it out on You Tube.

You start with a piece of cardstock 11x4.

Score at 3in. and 8in. Then you turn it to the short side and score it at 1/2in. on both sides. (sorry, I didn't have that picture).

Then you cut out the center of the outside flaps. After that you punch the handles on the side with the word window punch.

I don't have a woodgrain stamp, so I just used one from the Timeless Textures Stamp set.

I stamp the inside and outside.

In the center I added a piece of cardboard to make it stronger.

Then I cut 6 pieces out of cardboard. I stamp the front and back and distress all the edges.

I start on top on both sides gluing the pieces on. 

Then the bottom on both sides, and last the center.

The finished product. I'm gonna use mine for little Easter crates.

These are easy and fun to make and can be made for different occasions. They measure 3x5.

Here are my finished Easter crates. I die-cut the letters for their names.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Origami Soccer Ball.

I found the video on You Tube. It showed a template and I went from there. I used my punch to get the 20 shapes. I used book pages for this one. I also distressed the edges.

These are the connectors I made for it....3/4in. x 3/4in. in light blue.

On my first one, I didn't cover the inside. Here I decided to do so. It made the structure a lot stronger.

Here is the finished product.

You can see the inside.

This was my first soccer ball. You can see the white connectors.

It was not hard to do. I'm sure you could cover all the "holes", but I liked it "open" like this.

My first full Page Pocket Letter.

I had to take the pictures inside on my computer table, because the weather was bad.
Here you can see the whole page layout. I added little knick knacks in all the envelopes.

Here you can see my mini clipboard, with paperclips I cut with some dies I had. The paper is coffee stained index cards. Below is just a coffee quote I found.

On the left I used a pocket, just to add a variety of paperclips I had. On the right is a coin envelope I made with the envelope punch board.

I used a piece of acetate to put some post-it-notes on it. Beside it, I made a shaker pocket.
On the bottom right is an envelope, also made with the envelope punch board.

I made a mini file folder to fit the pocket. On the right is an envelope I made. I got the idea from the bank envelopes I get when I get cash from the bank. I just down sized it to fit the pocket.

Here are some close-ups.

This is an origami paperclip I made.

I found a tutorial on how to make charms with paper clips. I sealed them with UTEE.

The seahorse charm I had at home. I thought it be a good addition. These pocket letters are fun to make. This pocket letter page went to my sister in Germany. I'm already working on an other pocket letter page. Renate