Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tablecloth for my Coffee Table..

Yesterday, I felt like sewing. I had some "coffee"- material that I wanted to use up for a while.

All I did, I folded the edges over about 2 inches, and ironed it down as I was folding it over. On the same side I repeated this step and folded it over again, and ironed it as I went along. Then I pinned it. This I repeated on the other 3 sides. Then I just sewed along the inside edge. When I was done, I sewed a rectangle in each corner. That's it.

I love to use the wax melts.

The centerpiece is just a piece of wood, that displays some of the shells, we found at the beach.

This glass candleholder also has some shells on the inside. Over the top I put some acrylic skin.

A view from the top.
Blessings, Renate

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Booklet Card.

This card is made out of one 12x12 sheet of paper. It measures 3x4 when closed. I added a pocket on the outside of the card.

On the right you have a top pocket.

Here I added an envelope.

I made a shaker balloon.

On the left I glued a coffee stained paper, I had left over.

On the left I made a pocket with an acetate window. On the right I added 2 mini envelopes and you have a pocket on top.

On the last pages I made an origami frame and another pocket.

This is the back view.

And the front view. Blessings, Renate

Spool of Thread Card.

I don't have an Envelope punch board, so I just designed my own pattern for the spool card.
The pencil is a painted toothpick. I found the tutorials online. The top and bottom of the card I embossed with UTEE. The card is 3x3. Blessings, Renate

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Card.

This is where I used part of the acrylic skin.
Blessings, Renate

Acrylic Skin.

This is how my acrylic skin turned out. I already used part of it.

My 2nd Fabric Paper.

This is the front.

On the back I used, used dryer sheets, and spray painted them.

The circle technique I found on You Tube. I think it was cat hand: painted circles tutorial.

It is a bit more sturdy then the first one, but will put a layer of Mod Podge over the front and back.
Blessings, Renate

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My First try at Fabric Paper.

I found several tutorials. I used the Elmers Glue I had on hand and just mixed it 2:1 - 2 parts glue, 1 part water, or til you have a milky consistency.

For the background I used coffee filters, I stained with spray paints I had mixed up.

I taped down some plastic wrap and started layering. Coffee filters first, and then everything else I could find, tissue paper, origami paper, old dictionary papers, cutouts, lace....

You can't go wrong...just glue down what you got.

After I was done, and the glue was still wet, I sprinkled some Perfect Pearls over it. You do need to let it dry for a day. It peels off really easy. It turned out good, but to thin for what I was gonna use it for...another Midori...
So I'm working on a new one. This time I will use, used dryer sheets, and more layers. We'll see how this works out. It's fun to create your own cover. Blessings Renate

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My first Mixed Media Canvas.

I started out by taking a babywipe and applying acrylic paint with it for the background.
Then I covered the whole thing, and sides, in Mod Podge. I crinkled up white tissue paper and applied it to the surface and sides. After it dried I just tore off the leftover tissue.
Then I tore up some dictionary pages and Mod Podged them on there.

Here I applied texture paste with stencils, that I mixed with some acrylic paint.

This is the finished canvas. On the left bottom, I made some origami pyramids and glued them on. I also went over it with some more acrylic paint, that I applied with my finger and some perfect pearls.

On the anchor I just added a charm.

Here I took some acrylic paint, and poured it on some plastic and just swirled it around and let it dry for about 2 days. Then you can just peel it off.

I also added an envelope with tags.

I used real sticks for the "dream" background.

I was playing around with my gluegun. And that is what I came up with.

Blessings, Renate