Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tablecloth for my Coffee Table..

Yesterday, I felt like sewing. I had some "coffee"- material that I wanted to use up for a while.

All I did, I folded the edges over about 2 inches, and ironed it down as I was folding it over. On the same side I repeated this step and folded it over again, and ironed it as I went along. Then I pinned it. This I repeated on the other 3 sides. Then I just sewed along the inside edge. When I was done, I sewed a rectangle in each corner. That's it.

I love to use the wax melts.

The centerpiece is just a piece of wood, that displays some of the shells, we found at the beach.

This glass candleholder also has some shells on the inside. Over the top I put some acrylic skin.

A view from the top.
Blessings, Renate