Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Book Page Card.

I glued 2 pages together and sewed all around it. In the front you can remove the tag from the pocket. I used some old postage stamps and part of a coffee sleeve for the background.

On the inside is a removable tag and a mini shaker pouch.

On the other side I made a pocket. On the edge is an altered paperclip I made.

This is an envelope. I used Tim Holtz dies to cut out the front.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Box Purses.

These purses where made with a box base and then you wrap the card stock around it. They are both the same size, just different handles.
The base is 4x21/4 and score 1/2 in. on all 4 sides. Then just make a box out of it.
The wrap is 9x41/2 and score on the short side at 11/2 in.

Fold and glue the 11/2 in. Border to the inside. Then glue the long side of the base in the center of the wrap. Continue until you glued your wrap, to the base, all the way around. Then just decorate.

These are easy to make and hold a few goodies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A different kind of Purse.


I've seen this purse on a French blog. I liked it because it's different. So, I thought I could try and make one out of card stock and smaller for just a few candies.

Here's my sample.

This is my first try.

And my second try. I used magnets for the closure and a can tab for the buckle. I also put 3 coats of UTEE on the band.

I think it turned out pretty good.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Retirement Card.

I just used an old map for the background and used paint and stamps on it and then a layer of Mod Podge.

On the left I made a little tuck spot.

I burned the edges of my coffee dyed paper and added part of a dictionary page.

I made an envelope out of vellum and added a little note inside.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Single Serve Nutella Box.

I got the idea from the "Paperpixie". She made the box to put Merci chocolates in it. I was looking for something to put my single serve Nutellas in. This worked fine.

I made a mistake, that's why I added the "smile". Other then that I tried to follow the instructions.

On this one I made the sides 1/2 in. because the Nutella is a bit thicker. I also moved my top closure and made it smaller.

On this one I wanted to make a coffee themed box. I threaded the bottom which is also the closure and tied it in the back.

On the inside I used a banner die I had which worked out good.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Barn Door Slider Card made without Dies.

You can buy the dies at SU, but I thought I can figure out how to make this card without dies.
It turned out pretty good. For the sliding mechanism I used a strip of dimensional squares, since I didn't need the rolling mechanism. In all the videos I watched, everyone used washers and pennies, which didn't make sense since you want it to slide not roll.
For the handle I used my Happy Planner punch, and glued 2 of the punched out scraps together.
For the track, I just measured 3/4 inches all around, and where the points met I punched a hole. Then just use your craft knife and cut out between the 2 holes. As you can see, when I attached the door, I didn't center it with the dimensionals. But it still turned out good.

For the background I just glued an old book page down, to give it some contrast. For the door, I just printed out a wood background and glued it on the card stock.

This was fun to put together and figure out how to do it without dies. I hope you give it a try.
Imagine ... Create ... and Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mini Travelers Notebook.

This one measures 41/2 x 31/2 inches. The spine is 3/4 inches wide. I used mixed media paper and heavy gel medium to cover the inside and outside of the booklet. I didn't take a picture of the spine, but I decided to make it without holes. I used stamps, old book pages and whatever scraps I had laying around.

I used 2 booklets that I got at the Dollar Store and made the cover accordingly.

I added a pocket on the inside cover, and a acetate sleeve on the right. (The red bands on the left and right are just to hold the booklet open, while I take pictures).

Here you can see the acetate sleeve on the left. On the right I made a shaker pocket.

I made a band with an old negative, where you can slip a note under it. On the right is the first booklet, that I just covered in scrapbook paper.

On the right is another pocket.

Part of a folder on the left and and a post it note holder on the right.

On the left are 2 sideways pockets and on the right the other part of the folder.

Last page of the booklet.

And the back of my journal.
These are easy to do and make nice gifts.