Sunday, January 10, 2016

My First try at Fabric Paper.

I found several tutorials. I used the Elmers Glue I had on hand and just mixed it 2:1 - 2 parts glue, 1 part water, or til you have a milky consistency.

For the background I used coffee filters, I stained with spray paints I had mixed up.

I taped down some plastic wrap and started layering. Coffee filters first, and then everything else I could find, tissue paper, origami paper, old dictionary papers, cutouts, lace....

You can't go wrong...just glue down what you got.

After I was done, and the glue was still wet, I sprinkled some Perfect Pearls over it. You do need to let it dry for a day. It peels off really easy. It turned out good, but to thin for what I was gonna use it for...another Midori...
So I'm working on a new one. This time I will use, used dryer sheets, and more layers. We'll see how this works out. It's fun to create your own cover. Blessings Renate