Sunday, October 16, 2016

Melted CD Tiles - 2nd try...

My daughter Samantha and me worked on the second batch. As you can see, these turned out a lot better. I started out with not quite as thick of layer of paint, as I did with the first batch. Then I broiled them on LOW, again " 3 racks" down. That didn't really do anything, so I moved the rack up one level. It worked some better, but took too long. So, I finally put them on the top rack, right under the broiler. That worked perfect. It's all trial and error, since every stove is different.

These tiles are all nice and shiny. They really look like they were suppose to.

 These are fun to make. The hardest part is to cut them out. Next I want to try color some of them with a Sharpie. As soon as I do, I will post the results. Let me know, if anybody has any other good tips on how to make them.