Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Faux Dori.

 Here is my newest Faux Dori. This is the front. On the edges I used a ribbon. Everything got 2 coats of Mod Podge.

This is the back. I also made the bead.

I also decorated the inside cover and put 2 coats of Mod Podge over it. On the right is a origami pocket with a coin envelope I made.

Here I just added 2 Pockets.

Here is a clear pocket with an origami wallet inside.

I used newspaper to make some pockets.

On the left I made some tiny envelopes. On the right I made a pocket with acetate windows and little folders for notes.

On the left is a clear pocket with a coin envelope. On the right an embossed pocket.

 This is part of an envelope that I liked. I just stamped it and used it.

I made a whole booklet of just coffee dyed paper.

As a cover of a booklet I used water color paper, and colored it.

On the other side i made a folder and envelope.

Another folder.

Here I got 2 clear pockets.

This is the back inside.

The front inside.

And the front again without the string. This Faux Dori took me a while to put together. It's always fun to see what it look like when I'm done. This one has 3 Booklets in it. The first one I printed a lot of pages with lines. The 2nd one was with the coffee dyed paper, and the 3rd one was just grid paper that I cut to size. I don't sew my pages together, this way I can insert a lot more stuff if I want to.
The next one is a smaller size...