Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mini Album.

My Mini Album. I got the base idea from Kristin at
On the front I used chipboard on the flaps and covered it. That made the flaps stronger.

                                                     I made the bead out of magazines.

                                  I actually glued this part on wrong, but it still worked out.

                                             The waterfall insert is made out of envelopes.

                                                           Another insert that unfolds.

                                                       I made the coin envelope.

                                                                     Side pocket.

                                When you open these 2 flaps you get another piece to unfold.

                                             This is a smaller version of the coin envelope.
                You have an outside pocket and when you unfold it you have another pocket.


                   I hope you like this album. I enjoyed making it. Most likely be making more.
The possibillities are endless. So have fun creating. Blessings  Renate