Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gift Card Box Tutorial.

Cut a piece of cardstock 71/4x 63/4.

Then score the the short side at:
1   11/2   51/4    53/4

The long side you score at:
21/4   23/4   51/4   53/4

This is what it should look like when scored.

Now cut all 4 corners out. And round the corners if you want to.

Then fold on your scored lines. Fold in the sides and glue to the bottom flap.
The sides are on the inside.

Then punch 2 holes in it, far enough apart so a dimentional sticker will fit in between.
Then thread your ribbon thru the holes.

This is how I finished mine up. I added a charm to it. You can find the video on how to make this star on: homemade gifts made easy.

Here is another box I made. On the inside I put an origami gift card holder.

This origami gift card holder has 6 pockets and folds in half. You can find instructions for it on you tube. Have fun creating.