Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prostate Cancer: Our Journey

Hello Crafters,
On August 19th, of this year, my husband David, he is only 50, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 12 out of 12 samples contained cancer. His PSA level was 2. After a physical a few weeks before, the Urologist, wanted to do a biopsy, since the prostate felt hard and David has a family history of prostate cancer. It still seems like a bad dream.
On August 22nd he had a scan done to see if it had spread to his bones. That test came out good.
David did some research and he decided to go to the Cancer Treatment Center in Atlanta. We went there to meet with the surgeon. He told us that the cancer had been there for at least 2 years.
On September 17th, David had the surgery. The surgeon removed the prostate and as much surrounding tissue as he could without damaging the bladder or his rectum.
We went back to Atlanta for a follow-up on October 29th. His PSA then, was 0.1. In 8 Weeks he has got to take another PSA test, which his family doctor can do, to see if his PSA level goes down more.
If it goes down more he won't have to take radiation.
David went back to work November 3rd. He is doing good. He still can't control his pee.
I just wanted to stress how important it is for men to have a physical every year. I just don't want anyone else to go thru this. It's an ongoing battle....waiting for the next test result...

"So, let's save Lives, and make sure that men get their physical every year."

Thank you and Blessings