Saturday, June 10, 2017

Small Chest.

While back, I found a video and template for these small chests at: Coul'Heure Papier.

These took a bit to make, but the result is worth it. For the buckle you just use a soda tab.

 In her video she showed a different technique on how to make the round part. I had trouble doing it this way, so I figured out a different way to make it. I remembered that did baskets similar to this, and that was a lot easier. You just have to add a 2inch piece to the one side of the lid, and cut it in 1/2inch strips.

 On the hinge I added some metal tape to reinforce the lid to the box.

Here I used old dictionary pages for the corners.

On this belt, I put some "stitches" and UTEE on it.

The more you make the easier it gets, and don't use thick cardstock.