Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mini Beach Chair.

This project was a bit challenging, but I made it. On the right was my first attempt at a chair, made with toothpicks. On the left is my do-over. It measures about 41/2in. x 3in.
The pillow is about 1in.x1in.

I decided to sew the cover, instead of gluing it.

I used paperclips on the joint, and did not glue it down, this way you can adjust the back.
The boards I made out of cardboard and stamped on them. They measure 4in.x1/2in.
I rounded the corners, before I punched the holes in them.

For the towel, I just cut a piece of an old towel and rolled it up.

The skewers were a bit smaller then the hole, so I covered the edges in about 3 layers of UTEE.
The holes I punched with my edge punch below.
It was fun to make, but quite challenging. I might make another one...
It is raining here, so when the weather gets better I take some pictures outside with the chair. I just think the colors look better. Renate