Saturday, May 14, 2016

My First Binder/Planner.

I started by tearing off some of the cover of the binder. I didn't wanted to remove everything. I also left the back in tact.

The back.

On the front I glued different old bookpages that I had.

..including some on the inside.

Then I covered it with tissue paper.

...also on the inside. Then I let it dry.

Then I covered the whole front and part of the inside with gloss heavy gel medium.

And let dry. Then I started adding the pocket and envelope.

I purchased a Fuse Tool, which I like. It works great with page protectors or freezerbags. Here I used a page protector and made 3 pockets and added some little knick knacks.

This page divider I made with homemade paper.

Here I added a bookmark, made with the Fuse Tool.

These 2 pictures are just a front and back pockets.

Another page divider.

Here I used the ziplock bag to add some goodies. I used the Fuse Tool to make it. I found that if you put some cardstock where the holes are punched, it is easier to punch the holes.

Another page divider.

And the last one.
It was fun and also a challenge to complete this book. I got the book and the lined pages and planner inserts (which I didn't take a picture of) at Target. Blessings, Renate