Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini Recipe Book.

I found a tutorial at: stempelherz.de
I put my own spin on it. I did the front with mixed media and a layer of Mod Podge. I used velcro for the closure.

 This is the back.

I added more pockets to the whole book.

You have a recipe pocket and an other pocket on top.

Another recipe pocket and a smaller pocket on top of it.

Next page.

Here I used a small envelope on top of this pocket. Here you can see, that the book is held together by eyelets and a ribbon.

Another pocket on top of the recipe pocket.

Last page.

Here I recycled a piece of cardboard from small caramel tubs.

Here I made a different envelope on top of this recipe pocket.

Here are my recipe cards. The left one I made with my own coffee dyed paper.
The right one I printed out.

The card on the left I printed out.
The one on the right I made.
Of course you can use the front and back of the cards.
I will post a tutorial how to make the base for this book, if anyone would like to try it.
Blessings, Renate