Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Oval Tote Bag for Tabatha.

My daughter Tabatha, is on a weightloss-journey. She has already lost 24+lbs.
So, I thought I make her a little tote bag with a little journal book.

This time I made the paper ball out of magazine pages.

The booklet is 4in x 151/2in. Each panel is 3in. wide.
You cut a piece that is 4 x 12. Then you cut a piece that is 4 x 5. You will then overlap it on the longer piece by 1 1/2 in. and glue it to the 4 x 12 piece.
Then score at: 2, 5, 51/2, 81/2, 9, 12, 121/2

On the left is a pocket where you scored the 2in. On it is a 3 tiny envelope booklet. Below you can see them unfolded.


Here I added just a little booklet.

Blessings, Renate