Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mini Travel Art Journal for my daughter Tabatha.

I got this from a tutorial from: jen of eve designs. Thanks for the great tutorial.

On the left outside I attached a mini ziplock bag. I also punched my holes 1in. from the edge.You were only to punch 2 holes in the first crease you scored, but I also punched holes on the other crease. That's why I have 2 Booklets beside each other. It worked out ok though. When I fold it up, I just fold the right booklet over the left one.

Here you can see the 2 booklets side by side.

In the first one I also added a pocket.

This is the 2nd booklet. This is a card I recycled.

On an other page I added 2 mini envelopes.

A quote I liked.

On the right is a pocket.

This is the back. The bow in the middle always stayes tied. I stamped on the outside before I covered it with gel medium to seal it. It worked out great even though I punched too many holes.
I hope you all give it a try. These are fun to make.
Blessings Renate