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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My 2nd "Stack the Pages" Album.

For the cover I did the following: I used white card stock and used newspaper and tore it into pieces and glued it on the card stock. When I was done I laid a post card under it before I copied the card stock. This is what I got. I liked it, so I used the copy as my cover, over some card board. This album is 41/4x51/4in. 

The spine is 13/4in.

And the back view.

I once again used the clip as closure.

On the right I attached an acetate pocket. Inside is an envelope and a journal card.

Here you cans see the journal card.

I painted this envelope, used stamps and sewed it. I saw a tutorial at: Roben Marie Smith blog.

The inside.

And the back view.

Next I made a belly band. on the right is a side pocket. You can see the insert below.

This is a different kind of envelope. Instead of gluing the sides I just punched holes and tied them up.
Julie Woodward has a video tutorial on how to make these. I just put my own spin on it and made it a bit smaller.

On the inside you have a pocket.

This is the insert for the envelope.

This is the insert for the side pocket above. On the right I just sewed a few pages in the folder.

On this page I added a bag, and on top of it a vellum pocket. On the right I didn't want anything.

Sorry, this turned out kind of blurry.

On the next page I have a "floating" pocket. It's held into place by a magnet. The floating part has 2 pockets. The one behind it has one pocket.

This is what's behind the floating pocket.

Some tags I painted.

On the right is a flip out panel to reveal a vellum side pocket.

This is the tag I painted for the vellum pocket.

On the inside flip out panel I added a belly band and some die cut paper clips. I added a card with an attached envelope that can be opened.

On the left I liked the paper, so I didn't add anything to it. On the right I made a vellum belly band and added some washi tape over it. This is also a fold out page.

This is the die cut journal card I made.

This is the inside of the foldout page. On the left you have a tug spot.

I like to sew on old book pages.

Here another journal card I made.

I added a square tag to this belly band.

This is the booklet I painted, that's under the belly band.

On the left is a side pocket I painted.
On the right is a 3 pocket insert that flips open to reveal an envelope.

I adhered this envelope to the back page.
This album has 6 base pages. Thanks again to "jen of eve designs" for some great video tutorials.
As you can tell, this didn't have a theme again. But I just like to put my own spin on things.
These are quite fun to make, because you never know what you come up with.

My First "Stack the Pages" Mini Album.

If you want to know how to do it, just go to: jen of eve designs, on You Tube. She has great video tutorials on how to do it.
For the front I glued a tag on top of some die cuts. This tag has a pocket, so you can remove the cards and add other little items to it.
I used up a lot of paper that I had laying around. That's why there is no special theme to this album.
I guess you can call it: Use my scraps album.
This album measures 5x4in.

This is a view of the closure. Just a clip and some twine.

This is just a back view. I used gift wrap for my cover.

When you open the album, you have a foldout page. It was fun to design this tag.

I love this quote.

I didn't put nothing on the inside cover, since I liked this paper.

On the next page you have a pocket, where I added an envelope. On the right is a side pocket.

When you untie the pocket, it flips down to reveal another pocket and a place to add a note or pictures. ( Sorry the bottom picture is a bit blurry).

This is the tag that goes in the side pocket above. I wrote the words that are on the tag.

On this page I added a belly band with a square tag. I used some old stamps I had in my stash.
On the right is a "tie together" page.

I made a coin envelope to go behind the band.

Here just a close-up of the tag.

This is the tie page open.

On the left I just added a journal card. On the right I made a 2-pocket insert out of old book pages and sewed around it.

When you remove the top items, you have a nice phrase. Behind this page is a side pocket.

This is the insert for the side pocket.

On the right you have 3 slots for tags.

On the left is small fold out page with a pocket.

Here you see it open.

I also didn't add anything to the back inside page,

I hope this inspired you to give this method a try. This album only had 4 pages, but it's what you add that makes it look like more. It was fun to do.
Thanks to "jen of eve design" for the great videos she makes.