Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fabric Bag Organizer.

This sewing project is not hard to do, after you cut all your pieces out. I found a video tutorial at: Vicki Lee Bags. She explains everything very well and it's easy to follow.
As you can see it fits right in my purse.

On the inside I have 4 large pockets and a small one for a lip balm.

On the outside I made 4 large pockets. You can decide on the size of the pockets and how many you want.

This is the other side. I just used up some scrap fabric I had.

One thing I would change is the thickness of the fusible material. I used one that was pretty thick, and when I sewed around the top edge it broke my needle. So I would go with a medium size fusible material. But other than that it turned out great.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Fabric Cloth Journal Cover.

I tried some fabric cloth this week. It turned out pretty good. I decided to make a journal cover out of it. I folded the bottom up, so I would have pockets on the outside, front and back. I used tissue paper for the top cover.

I used some leftover fabric I had for the inside.

I also sewed around the whole cover and down the spine.

This is also fun to create.

Fabric Tissue Holders.

These are easy and fun to sew. I tried different sizes, with and without pockets. It's a good project to use up all your scraps. The ones with pockets (top 3 and bottom right) can hold hand sanitizer and lip balm. I made the top flaps longer so the tissues would not be exposed.

This is the back view.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Passport Wallet, a Sewing Project.

At sewspire you can find a video tutorial on how to sew a passport wallet. I followed a tutorial from Janelle MacKay on how to fold the credit card slots, which in the end gave me 3 slots. And I finished my passport wallet as shown at watermelonwishes on you tube, for a mini wallet.

This was not hard to do. I made 2 of these in a couple of hours. I also made me a template for the credit card slots and the passport wallet itself. I'm still thinking about, if I want to top stitch around the whole thing, not sure yet. Renate

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Advent Arrangement.

I've seen something similar on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.

My brother, Mike, cut the wood and the small discs for me.
David, my husband, attached the candles and added the moss.
I put the stickers on the discs and used some white sewing thread to put them on the candles.
David also found me the cast iron fish pan at a flea market.

I added some pine cones that where already open and painted the tips white and sprinkled some glitter on them (not on the pictures. I added them later).
Happy Holidays, Renate

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My first Tiny Travelers Notebook.

Frances G. has a tutorial on how to make one of these notebooks. These are laminated and no holes for the elastic that hold the booklets. I have 3 booklets in this one. I tried to find a closure and decided on the buttons.


KSP by Luisa, suggested to add a clasp so you won't loose your band when you open your booklet.
Also don't forget to "burn" the ends of your elastic, so it won't come unraveled. ( I did mine after I took the pictures).

I added a pocket on the left. On the right is a shaker pocket. On the bottom you can see where I added a new shaker pocket, that I made with the fuse tool.

I also added an acetate cover to my booklet.

Here is the 2 pocket folder I added. ( I just used the clips to hold it open while taking the pictures).

This is the other part of the shaker pocket. I just put a few knick knacks in it.

On the right is a laminated 2 pocket page marker. As you can see on the left, I'm trying to use up my Halloween paper. It's the inside of my second booklet.

This is an altered playing card. These are so fun to make.